Specialities on first degree study

  •  Applied biochemistry
  •  Process and bioprocess engineering (IP) *(will be suspended since 2018/2019 academic year)
  • Purification and analysis of biotechnological products (OA)

In fourth semester student can choose one of the specialities for further education on BSc course.

Plans and programs of the first degree study link: 

Biotechnology course graduate student obtains interdisciplinary background which allows working in areas demanding connection of chemical processes knowledge and mechanisms of living organisms functioning cognizance. This student is prepared to apply standard biotechnological techniques enabling selection and directed modification of microorganisms and higher organisms’ cells. Graduate student can also design and implement processes of biotransformation and biosynthesis. Particular emphasis is placed on issues involving deriving and purification of bioproducts used in technological processes, pharmaceutical and food industry. The graduate acquires knowledge which facilitate a broad use of various techniques of biotechnological products analysis as well as an application of advanced diagnostic methods.

Graduate student’s areas of employment: wide range of specialities in all branches of pharmaceutical industry and environmental protection involving application of advanced methods of isolation, purification and analysis of biotechnological products as well as in control or research laboratories.

First degree graduate student can continue education on The Faculty of Chemistry to obtain the master’s degree.