Chemical Technology


Specialities on first degree study

  • Chemical analysis in industry and environtment (AC)
  • Chemical and bioprocess engineering (IB)
  • Organic and polymer technology (TT)
  • Technology of medicinal products (TL)

In fourth semester student can choose one of the specialities for further education on BSc course.

Plans and programs of the first degree study 

Chemical Technology course graduate student obtains the engineer degree which involving elementary education in chemical and technical sciences and also knowledge about technological chemical processes. Graduate student is ready to career in chemical or related industry as well as in advanced materials manufacturing plant, especially on post involving management of industrial processes.

Typical fields of employment: chemical and petrochemical industry, biotechnology, processing industry (pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic), chemical and bioprocess engineering project bureau and business, scientific and academic research institutes.

First degree graduate student can continue education on The Faculty of Chemistry to obtain the master’s degree.