Chemical and Process Engineering


Specialities on second degree study

  •  Product design and engineering of pro-ecoligical processes (PP)
  • Processing of polymer materials (PT)

In first semester of second degree study student can choose one of the specialities for education on MSc course. The Dean decide about each speciality’s enablement taking into consideration a number of keen.

Plans and programs of the second degree study link: 

Chemical and Process Engineering MSc course graduate student obtains the master’s degree.

Second degree study, towards first degree study, involving diversified education in area of technological sciences, in fields of, for instance: heat transmission processes, dynamics and optimization of a process, design of integrated process systems, industrial catalysis, multifunctional reactors, mixtures’ advanced separation techniques (membrane processes, chromatography, adsorption), computer-assisted design of technological processes including processing of polymer materials. Second degree graduate students achieve also accomplishment in unaided management of project works as well as handling of research and development tasks. The graduates represent demanded engineer and management staff for almost all branches of processing industry and they are also prepared to undertake the doctoral studies.