Chemical Technology


Specialities on second degree study

  • Chemical analysis in industry and environtment (AC)
  • Chemical and bioprocess engineering (IB)
  • Polymer materials emgineering (MP)
  • Organic and polymer technology (TT)
  • Technology of medicinal products (TL)

In first semester of second degree study student can choose one of the specialities for education on MSc course. The Dean decide about each speciality’s enablement taking into consideration a number of keen.

Plans and programs of the second degree study link: 

Chemical Technology MSc course graduate student obtains the master’s degree. This student is prepared to design, manage and develop technological processes as well as perform in work practice tasks involving: technological research, chemical concept of the process and concept of entire technology creating, processes and technologies upgrading, implementation of the process, safety and environment protection, education. Graduate student has also essential knowledge of scientific research performing.

Typical fields of employment: chemical and petrochemical industry, biotechnology, processing industry (pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic), chemical and bioprocess engineering project bureau and business, scientific and academic research institutes.