Strona: Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics / Wydział Chemiczny

Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


Academic staff:

  • Mirosław Tyrka, Prof. DSc, PhD, Eng. - Department Head
  • Aleksandra Bocian, PhD.
  • Ewa Ciszkowicz, PhD.
  • Lucjan Dobrowolski, PhD, Eng.
  • Piotr Dziadczyk, PhD, Eng.
  • Grzegorz Fic, PhD, Eng.
  • Karol Hęclik, PhD, Eng.
  • Konrad Hus, MSc, Eng.
  • Marcin Jaromin, MSc, Eng.
  • Jaroslav Legáth, Prof. DSc, PhD.
  • Andrzej Łyskowski, PhD, Eng.
  • Marta Sochacka-Piętal, PhD, Eng.
  • Magdalena Szeliga, PhD, Eng.

Technical staff:

  • Justyna Buczkowicz, MSc, Eng.
  • Grzegorz Iwaszek, PhD, Eng.
  • Anna Kozłowska, MSc, Eng.
  • Katarzyna Lecka-Szlachta, MSc.
  • Małgorzata Semik, MSc.



  • influence of medicinal plant extracts on various cell cultures, animal organs (kidneys, liver, epithelium), and cancer cells,
  • genetic characteristics and in vitro cultivation of medicinal plants,
  • toxicological research on the influence of chemical compounds (medicines, pesticides, plant extracts, detergents) on unicellular organisms and invertebrates,
  • proteomic techniques used in the analysis of food and living organisms, and to study changes in gene expression,
  • investigation of polymorphism and HLA-G gene expression,
  • biotechnological methods for studying mechanisms of usable value formation in plants and microorganisms, 
  • chemometrics,
  • computer based design of syntheses and chemical reactions,
  • artificial intelligence methods in chemical technology and biotechnology,
  • e-learning in academic teaching.

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