Strona: Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry / Wydział Chemiczny

Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry


Academic staff:

  • Prof. Jan Kalembkiewicz, DSc, PhD, Eng. - Department Head
  • Assoc. Prof. Przemysław Sanecki, DSc, PhD, Eng.
  • Anna Kuźniar, PhD, Eng.
  • Janusz Pusz, PhD
  • Elżbieta Sitarz-Palczak, PhD, Eng.
  • Piotr Skitał, PhD, Eng.
  • Eleonora Sočo, PhD, Eng.
  • Elżbieta Woźnicka, PhD
  • Lidia Zapała, PhD, Eng.
  • Zofia Byczkowska, PhD, Eng.
  • Bogdan Papciak, PhD, Eng.

PhD students:

  • Dagmara Galas, MSc
  • Małgorzata Kosińska, MSc, Eng.
  • Urszula Maciołek, MSc, Eng.
  • Dorota Saletnik, MSc, Eng.

Technical staff:

  • Lucyna Gmiterek, MSc, Eng.
  • Danuta Nowak, MSc, Eng.
  • Elżbieta Pieniążek, MSc, Eng.
  • Irena Trojnar, MSc, Eng.
  • Tadeusz Więcek, MSc, Eng.



  • Physical chemistry and application of multiphase systems to mixture separation: extraction and equilibrium of metal ions, acids and amino acids in two- and three-phase systems, ordinary and micellar, basic and applied research on heavy and trace metals, phenoxy acids and plant protection products, aromatic amino acids and pharmaceutical preparations, removal of heavy metals from solutions. (J.Kalembkiewicz, home page:,
    E.Sočo, home page:, L.Zapała, home page:, B.Papciak, home page:
  • investigations of sorption properties of soil towards heavy metals,
  • analytical monitoring of industrial solid waste and of their impact on environment including industrial ashes, sludges, solid air pollutants, soil and soil contamination by using sequential extraction, establishing chemical composition, following metals mobility in the environment and biodegradation of toxic metal forms,
  • speciation analysis of metals in industrial and environmental wastes: optimization of analytical conditions,
  • product quality assessment: aging impact on analytical result,
  • flavonoid acid-base equilibria, stability constants, stability constants of metal-flavonoid complexes in aqueous-organic systems,
  • metal ions complexes with selected flavonoids: synthesis, laser and semiconductor properties, analytical and medical application,
  • bioflavonoids and their sulfonic derivatives: metal ion complexes, synthesis, properties, analytical and medical application.
  • mathematical modelling of complex electrode processes,
  • electro catalysis and electro inhibition,
  • electro chemistry of organic compounds,
  • chemical electro analysis,
  • research on corrosion processes,
  • synthesis and properties of transition metals complexes,
  • environmental chemistry, in particular pollution by heavy metals and persistent organic compounds.

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