Strona: Department of Physical Chemistry / Wydział Chemiczny

Department of Physical Chemistry


Academic staff:

PhD students:

  • Monika Flejszar, MSc,
  • Agata Hochół, MSc, Eng.
  • Małgorzata Klamut, MSc, Eng.
  • Angelika Macior, Msc, Eng.

Technical staff:

  • Anna Florczak, MSc, Eng.
  • Klaudia Knap, MSc.
  • Ewelina Kucaj, MSc, Eng.

Students involved in research projects:

  • Katarzyna Kisiel, Eng.
  • Kinga Ślusarczyk, Eng.
  • Michał Sroka
  • Kamil Wilk

Visiting scholars

  • Magdalena Jankowska, MSc, Eng.
  • Dominika Krok, MSc, Eng.
  • Agnieszka Sysło, MSc, Eng.
  • Karol Wolski, PhD
  • Justyna Bała, MSc.


  • electrochemical methods of synthesis and transformations of organic compounds and materials,
  • oxidation of organic compounds by the use of dioxygen and hydroperoxides catalyzed by transition metal complexes,
  • application of catalytic processes for transformations of renewable raw materials,
  • electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization (eATRP),
  • synthesis of well-defined macromolecules by ATRP methods,
  • electrochemical formation of conversion coatings on light metals,
  • carbon-supported materials as heterogeneous catalysts for transitions of organic substrates,
  • water oxidation catalysis.

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