Strona: Laboratory of Advanced Liquid Chromatography / Wydział Chemiczny

Laboratory of Advanced Liquid Chromatography

Scientific team

  • Rafał Gorczyca, MSc, Eng., PhD student
  • Maksymilian Olbrycht, MSc, Eng., PhD student
  • Justyna Kamińska, MSc, PhD student
  • Marek Leśko, MSc, Eng., PhD student
  • Sylwia Ryś, MSc, Eng., PhD student

Service Offer

  • Training in the theory and practice of liquid chromatography:
    - the theoretical basis of liquid chromatography,
    - operation and operation of the chromatograph,
    - advanced chromatographic techniques such as ion exclusion chromatography (IEC), supercritical chromatography (SFC), hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC),
    - computer aids in the selection and optimization of chromatographic systems and the transfer of the scale from analytical to preparative conditions,
  •  Implementation of research assignments in the field of mixtures distribution:
    - the separation of multi-component protein mixtures with:
        * preparative chromatography,
        * single-stage extraction in a two-phase ATP water system,
        * multi-step extraction,
        * ultrafiltration.
    - separation of preparative chromatography racemates,
    - separation of organic compounds with crystallization,
    - chromatographic analyzes of samples performed according to the methodology provided by customer

Research apparatus

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (UPLC) Ultimate 3000 by DIONEX (UV / VIS Detectors, DAD, CAD)
  • HITACHI Primade Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
  • AKTA prime-plus liquid chromatograph with UV and conductometric detectors (GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden),
  • SMB system for continuous chromatography of proteins. A station consisting of 6 sets of chromatography AKTA purifier, (GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden), working on any series of parallel-
  • MERCK liquid chromatograph (HPLC), equipped with UV and IR detectors
  • SPOT CPC centrifugal counter-current extractor (SCPC-100-B Armen Instrument, France)
  • MINIM II tangential ultrafiltration unit, Pall, USA
  • HP4750 Perch Filtration Kit, Stirred Cell, Sterlitech, USA