Student Research Group

There are 25 organisations on campus which bring together nearly 500 students, with the aim of developing their interests in scientific endeavours. A wide range of activities take place throughout the academic year, the most spectacular being national symposiums where they can be awarded for their research and achievements, as well as science camps, trade fairs, exhibits and fun-themed trips where students compete at being creative. Additionally, an annual journal is issued which covers all student scientific papers.

The Scientific Society of Biotechnologists "INSERT"


The circle collects students who want to develop their passion for the study of biotechnology both in the laboratory or in the field. All of our members have a chance to prove their growth and share their interests in biotechnology at internal seminars. Our members participate in various research projects and they present their scientific results at international conferences.

Members participate in several popular-science exhibitions, demonstrations and science workshops for elementary and middle school students, where younger people can see the basic equipment necessary for the Biotechnologists work.





Scientific Circle of Chemistry “ESPRIT”


Scientific Circle of Chemistry “ESPRIT” provides an opportunity for students of chemistry to expand their intellectual, professional, and social interests. Scientific Circle of Chemistry is organising a number of popular-science lectures and exhibitions, chemical demonstrations and science workshops for elementary and middle school students. For many years, the club participated in several events such as The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, The Science Nights and The Science Discovery Day. Members of Scientific Circle of Chemistry actively participate in research projects conducted at The Faculty of Chemistry, Rzeszow University of Technology.