Strona: Department of Polymers and Biopolymers / Wydział Chemiczny

Department of Polymers and Biopolymers


Academic staff:

  • Prof. Piotr Król, DSc, PhD, Eng. - Department Head
  • Assoc. Prof. Łukasz Byczyński, PhD., DSc. Eng.
  • Assoc. Prof. Barbara Pilch-Pitera, PhD., DSc.
  • Joanna Nizioł, PhD, DSc.
  • Joanna Wojturska, PhD, Eng.

PhD students:

  • Dominika Czachor, MSc, Eng.
  • Katarzyna Pojnar, MSc, Eng.

Technical staff:

  • Małgorzata Kowal, MSc, Eng.
  • Katarzyna Bazan-Strama, MSc, Eng.


  • identification of polymer chemical composition,
  • synthesis and application of polyurethane ionomers as intermediates for production of waterborne paints, dispersion, glues, and ecological polyurethane coatings,
  • kinetics of diisocyanate and polyols polyaddition, reactivity assessment of polyurethane materials,
  • processing and application of polyurethane powder coatings, synthesis of poly (urethane-siloxane) and poly(urethane-acryl) as hydrophobic coating materials,
  • study on polyurethane biodegradation,
  • thermo stability of polymers as measured by thermogravimetry,
  • study on polymer coating properties including surface properties using goniometric measurements of contact angles and evaluation of surface free energy.