Strona: Laboratory of Polymer Processing and Processing / Wydział Chemiczny

Laboratory of Polymer Processing and Processing

Academic teachers:

  • Assoc. Prof. Mariusz Oleksy, DSc, PhD, Eng. - Head of Laboratory
  • Assoc. Prof. Maciej Heneczkowski, DSc, PhD, Eng.
  • Rafał Oliwa, PhD, Eng.
  • MSc. Justyna Czech-Polak, MSc, Eng.

Engineering and technical workers:

  • Tomasz Gołąb, MSc, Eng.

The laboratory offer is addressed to business entities involved in the production of innovative polymer materials and their processing, which concern the aerospace, automotive and modular construction and polymer industries.

  • obtaining of polymer blends by mixing
  • obtaining of samples by injection molding or casting in a vacuum chamber
  • testing of the strength properties (mechanical and thermal) of polymeric materials
  • flame retardant testing of polymeric materials: limiting oxygen index (LOI), flame retardation by L94 and cone microcalorimetry
  • Examination of rheological properties of molten polymers (capillary rheometry), liquid polymers (rotary rheometers) and rubber mixtures (vulcametric)
  • morphology and properties of individual phases in multiphase polymer systems (AFM microscope)